Painter – Sculptor

As the years go by, painting has proved to be fundamental,
as an alter ego…



I always try to do what I do not know,
that’s how I hope to learn to do it

Pablo Picasso



« When we’re kids, before we learn to talk, the first thing we observe are colours, shapes and matters. » Brice.

Art, this powerful mean of silent expression fits perfectly with Brice’s humble nature.
His whole work is based on memories and the feelings they provoke.

He quit his job in an investment fund in 2010, during this transitional phase he felt the strong need to start painting again and to try new types. This is how he started painting in acrylic.

His aim is to try to transcend colours through shape and matter while always attempting to correspond to the emotions they produce but al-so including different references, such as pop art.
The strong colours in his pictures allude to the cartoon paper world of DC comics and Marvel.

The essences of his work are his memories. Each set he produces come from a dematerialisation of them and have the aim of conveying a new graphical interpretation.

Painting has always guided Brice and has left a permanent mark on his life. He symbolizes this by always leaving his fingerprint on each of his paintings.