“At the beginning…

It is at home, under the roofs, so close but far from men’s tumult, than Art’s workshop is hide. Thrilling world where canvas, coloured pig-ments, coats and resins, are dancing on a thread of an exhilarating choregraphy.

Keen is that field, Brice Mounier is using paint as his main way of ex-pression. Moreover Brice’s grandfather was an artist: He was a conduc-tor as well as a Painter, this extravagant figure made Brice admirative while sat in his workshop, he gave life to his Art. That is why Brice was naturally getting back to Art, specifically the Paint.
During years, Paint has proved to be essential, as an alter ego; A place where the artist is full of freedom, a place where everything is possible as no social barriers can stopped his freedom of expression.

The main idea in Brice’ Art is to transcend colours into shapes and mat-ters.

His Art’s frame both abstract and figurative combined colours as well as minimalist aspect.
Then all Brice’ Artworks are linked. Those are telling us a story. Defe-nitely his story; It is basically all of his memories from his childhood to those of today. While passing by all that phases from an universe where he grew up.

Obviously, each of his artwork have meanings. It came from an emo-tion, a person, an artist, an aera, simply feelings. All these references are getting our mind and refer to our own emotions.

“Brice Mounier’ Artwork is an alive design into an imperfect esthetism.

Then his work. Freed from the stereotyped idea of Beauty, it linked co-lours with their feelings as well as their artistic references.
To be inspirated, Brice search and collect docs and pictures. His co-lourful universe came from an electric field such as Pop Art, Mangas, Marvel/DC Comics, but also from the film culture.

“Live Art as a sens exaltation

Paint, powerful like silent way of expression, it fit perfectly with Brice’ modesty. Paint used to be a tool and a matter like a muse and missive.

Each series were born from a dematerialisation of his eventful life in or-der to give to his life, a graphic lecture – with vernis recover – as a se-cond skin.

Brice Mounier like to be in touch with matters. As an artist with a huge sensitivity, he decided to put his fingerprint in each of his Artworks as a signature.

Like a “background”, his aim his to be one with the matter.
Eugène DELACROIX’ sentence well described Brice Mounier opinion on Paint. He wrote:
“Paint hates me, used thousand ways to bothers me, as a female lover like to be.”